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THE Interactive Virtual Model for iPad appstore
OnScreen DNA Model

retrovirus shot

Crucial Steps in AIDS Virus Replication appstore
OnScreen Retrovirus

retrovirus shot

Read about it in OnScreen Retrovirus Shows How the AIDS Virus Copies Its Genome.

Detailed, Memorable, & Animated in 3D appstore
OnScreen DNA Replication

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See a short video preview now.

Read some background in OnScreen DNA Replication—The Name Says It All.

Learn & Teach how DNA Works appstore
OnScreen Gene Transcription

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See a short video preview now.

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Get it now — OnScreen DNA Model for Mac mac store

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OnScreen DNA Model for iPad and iPhone:

"A Best Science App. Great 3D DNA model, great text content" Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, June 2013

"One of the biology student's nine must-have iPad apps" TechSagar.com

"One of the 40 best science iPad apps for students. You don't have to be a biology major to appreciate the awesomeness..." Fun Educational Apps

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OnScreen DNA Model™ 2.6
for iPad

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OnScreen DNA Model™ 2.2
for iPhone and iPod Touch

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OnScreen GPA Pro™ 1.4
for iPhone and iPod Touch

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SEE the video of OnScreen GPA Pro in action.